About Us


At Green Explosion Herbs, we know what it takes to keep your food fresh and delicious. Our selected herbs are a quick, healthy and environmentally sustainable way to add fresh flavor to your favorite dishes. From organic and freshly cut live herbs, we have what it takes to keep your meals delicious and enjoyable at all times!







Green Explosion Herbs offers high-quality and safe products, as well as a masterful service to its clients. It increases productivity and exceeds expectations daily.

We are a trusted partner for our suppliers and customers, as we bring overall prosperity to our employees and their families.

At Green Explosion, we want to become the leaders of the global food industry and be a company for which everyone wants to work, supply and buy from. We aspire to be an important and reliable connection between farms and consumers around the world.

We are a certified family business that grows, imports, re-packs and distributes a wide variety of high-quality herbs, fruits and vegetables from everywhere in the world.

Customer service: Customers have the final opinion, and that’s why we are committed to working hard every day in order to offer impeccable products and experiences.

Long-term relationships: We are a family. And from a place of respect, honesty and good treatment, we seek to integrate each worker and buyer to our company.

Food safety: The well-being of our clients is paramount. We make sure that each herb complies with the corresponding sanitary measures, and that this gives the consumer confidence to choose us.

Quality: Our main priority, and what matters the most. We value both human quality and food quality, because both go hand-in-hand and are essential for maintaining a balance in the industry.

STRENGTH, LOVE, STRATEGY, HONESTY, COMPROMISE AND EFFICIENCY: These are the values that move us as a company and define us as a brand. We firmly believe that behind every good product lies a good service.